LED Panel OSRAM 62x62cm UGR19 Flickerfree

LED Panel OSRAM 62x62cm UGR19 Flickerfree

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LED Panel OSRAM DELTA PRO 62x62cm UGR19 33W 3300-3600Lm Flickerfree K3000-4000-6000 

This LED panel is specially designed for on-surface mounting on walls or ceilings and fits perfect for integration in existing lighting systems. During manufacturing we only use the best raw materials and brand names , for example 6063 aviation aluminium, Mitsubishi LGP acrylic, EPISTAR SMD chips. Because of the flat design and the aluminum frame our LED panel are very stable, do not develop strong heat and are easy to install, for example, in coffered ceilings (Odenwald ceiling), plasterboard or wooden ceilings, in suspended version with suspension set or with a body frame for surface mounting. UGR19 means that this panel is perfectly anti-glare !

LED Panel Delta Pro UGR<19 is an ultra-thin luminaire suitable for replacing conventional T5 fixtures, generating up to 50% in energy savings. This panel has a UGR <19 value, which according to the EN 12464: 2011 is ideally suited for offices, meeting rooms, libraries, health centers, schools etcetera. With its very slim design, this fixture perfectly integrates with 60x60 and 30x120 grid ceiling layouts. The ultrathin design allows the fixture to be installed in areas with a limited installation height. If there is no suspended ceiling, a suspension kit or surface-mounting kit can be used. In addition, the micro prismatic lens ensures uniformity and a diffused light effect. The integrated LED light source can last 70,000 hours, guaranteeing savings on maintenance and replacement costs. This fixture is also flicker-free, measured according to the measuring methods LM-79 and LM-80, and has an efficiency of 109 lumens per watt. Because of the excellent value for money and efficiency, a short payback period is guaranteed.


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Mounting clips set LED panel Mounting clips set LED panel
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Mounting frame 62x62cm white Mounting frame 62x62cm white
Mounting frame white
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Recessed Mountingframe 30x30cm white Recessed Mountingframe 30x30cm white
Frame for recessed mounting white
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