LED grow-lights

LED grow-lights at DUOLED - excellent quality at sharp prices

The growth and flowering of our green-leafed roosters are determined by three important factors: the intensity of the light, the duration of the exposure and the composition of the light spectrum.

There are many types of plant lamps on the market that combine very different properties. In the majority of alternatives to LED Grow lamps, however, users and Zimmerbotanik have to live with an either-or. Because they mostly cover only a reduced light spectrum, which is suitable either for plant growth or for the flowering phase. In addition, these plant lamps develop considerable heat, consume a lot of electricity and have a much shorter life than LED plant lamps. While conventional plant lighting can do up to 30,000 hours, LED grow lamps can provide up to 70,000 hours of operation.

Until recently, mainly metal halide lamps or sodium vapor lamps were used as bulbs in plant breeding. Meanwhile, however, they are being replaced by LED plant light more and more. Quite rightly - because LED Grow lamps bring obvious benefits and have proven to be much more efficient bulbs in this area.

LED grow lamps may be more expensive to buy, but they do not only protect your wallet because of their long life. They consume 60 - 80% less electricity and generate almost no heat through active or passive cooling.

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