MiLight products from DUOLED

DUOLED has the products of MiLight for a good reason in the range, because these are now well known and extremely popular. MiLight products beautify interiors, gardens, parks or even public spaces with their ingenious lighting ideas.

Switching between an almost infinite number of color combinations and white light, changing the color temperature between warm white and neutral white and the additional dimming - all this is conveniently possible via various remote controls and controllers and even with the smartphone or tablet.

To see which lamps are compatible with which remote controls and wall switches, look at the graph at the bottom of the page.

MiLight offers an ever wider range of products. Initially, lamps and stripes could be controlled with the popular technology of MiLight, but in the meantime also panels and outdoor spotlights are equipped with it. These lamps and illuminants can be controlled via app, via radio remote control or via touch panel.

Remote control via the app

With the app developed by MiLight individual lamps or groups can be controlled via the W-Lan.

The app provides many features such as automatic color change modules, "Save-As-You-Dim" economy mode or a wake-up function that simulates the rising sun. As a result, the awakening feels more natural and makes for a good start to the day.

Remote controls and wall panels

The classic way of controlling is the remote control. This allows both individual lamps and entire rooms (zones) to be controlled and managed. MiLight attaches great importance to ever newer developments, which constantly improves the handling and operability of the remote controls. In addition to the remote controls, there are also the elegant wall panels. These can be mounted in place of a light switch and control the lamps throughout the house.

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