electric material

For the longevity as well as for the safety of the lighting technology for both the indoor and outdoor use of high-quality electrical material is essential. The electrical installation should never be saved in the wrong place, because in many cases it can lead to negative consequences and to a new purchase of the electrical installation.

With us you can be sure to obtain only high quality electrical material. It does not matter which article you are looking for, every single product meets high quality standards - for a long-lasting and safe lighting technology.

The best lights and LED bulbs are only really perfect if they have been installed with the appropriate electrical material. With us you get only the best materials for the highest demands. This is how the lighting technology can be used to its advantage. In addition to a long service life, safety also plays a very important role here.

Our range of electrical equipment includes the following installation accessories:

 Mounting frame for spots



 LED starters

 motion detector

 connecting terminals

Active filters