Ranger PX1/PX2

Ranger PX1/PX2

Ironman 4x4 for FORD Ranger PX1-PX2

From the Australian Outback to German roads with ABE

Comfort springs: The handling remains close to standard, offers excellent long-distance comfort with a moderate lift of up to 4.5 centimetres and, like the original suspension, does not flap with occasional payloads or in trailer operation.

Performance springs: The real all-rounder in the range. Even if the demands vary from day to day, the Performance spring rate is ready for all uses! Whether travelling empty or occasionally heavily loaded, with Performance you are on the safe side and unbeatable off-road!

Constant Load springs: As the name suggests, these springs are designed for use under constant load and put the load book back to zero! Equipped with a camper or workshop extension, the Constant Load springs start where others already go to their knees. With plenty of reserve up to the permissible total weight! The ideal, tough companions for the professional user and the expedition traveller. The Constant Load springs simply do everything.

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