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presents: the printed LED Panel with your logo or picture

Printing uses state-of-the-art technologies and good paint and color qualities - very durable, but at the same time free of toxic substances. Your original motif, regardless of the format you choose, is always of the highest quality, perfectly sharp, with vivid colors.


With the ultra-modern UV flatbed printer, your motive will be printed on the LED panel, regardless of the size of the subject or the LED panel. print the "sky motif" shown below on 1 LED panel, or on a higher number of LED panels, e.g. 6 or 9 pieces to create a living sky on the ceiling.


Example of a print template for 9 LED panels

this template can be printed in one pass, the 9 panels of the panel are fixed side by side on the UV flatbed printer and printed. Maximum pressure field 2500x1300x50 mm.


DUOLED logo printed on a 30x60cm LED panel

panel selection

Choose between the available LED panels in various sizes and light colors, as well as our RGB LED panel and multi-color LED panel. With the multi-color LED panel you can easily design magical lighting effects, e.g. a sunrise or sunset, and create a special atmosphere in your premises depending on your print motif.

In the editor of our printing partner Dekoplanet24 you can not only upload your own motive, edit and release it for printing, but also choose and edit a motive according to your wishes from a huge selection of templates.

Multi-ColorK2700                              Multi-ColorK6000

K2700                                                                            K6500

Prices and delivery times :

Prices depend on the size and number of LED panels as well as your printing needs.

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