LED linear light connectable

LED linear lighting system PRO at DUOLED - excellent quality, reasonable prices

If you are interested in high-quality connectable LED trunking system products, you have made exactly the right decision by visiting our online shop. With us you get excellent quality according to European standards - but at reasonable prices. We grant a 5-year manufacturer's warranty on these products.

An advantage of the LED linear lighting system Pro: It is easy to mount quickly and without any additional tools. If you decide for your hall lighting for this light element, but you can also benefit from other advantages. In the light bands, a high lumen output ensures greater efficiency. Thus, the bulbs must absorb less energy, and this has a positive impact on energy costs for you.

The LED linear lighting system Pro is also characterized by its longevity. The LEDs are of high quality, the power supplies TÜV tested and the cooling optimally. This makes these trunking systems longer lasting, they are virtually maintenance-free. No matter how you use your hall, optimal lighting is the alpha and omega for both employees and customers. In the case of the LED continuous-row lighting system Pro, the light distribution is linear, so the illumination is particularly even. With this lighting system, you can ensure that good and individual light conditions will prevail in your hall.

An emergency power battery pack can be integrated into the lighting system. Thus, the emergency lighting in your hall is child's play. If the power fails, the LEDs can be powered by the emergency power battery. In no case do you have to do without your light that perfectly matches your needs.

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