LED Strips 220V

LED strip 230V have the long breath for long distances

The strength of an LED Strip 230V lies in its length. The power supply with 230 volts in the light tube ensures consistent light output over long distances, which is why this is the appropriate lighting material for really long light exposure, especially outdoors. In 12 volt systems, color fading can occur over long distances as the low voltage encounters its capacitive limits. We are talking about lengths of 50 meters for the 230 Volt Strip, which are available in the shop! With this you can hang whole garden bars around all tables! The construction in the light tube makes a laying in protective aluminum rails as with the 12 volt strips unnecessary, since the hose itself is waterproof by its plastic wall as IP68 version. Also suitable for hanging trees and shrubs at garden parties or indoors at parties. There are both predefined color and RGB version, where you can use a controller influence on the resulting color, which can be mixed from red, green and blue.

Many meters of light tube do not embarrass you for possible applications

Despite the supply of household electricity, the consumption of an LED Strip 230V remains in the green zone - even if the LEDs shine red, blue or white! 14.4 watts consumption on the meter light tube is really no frightening power consumption, at a party where the sound system for dance music may already have four-digit consumption. A more effective lighting in length, such low maintenance costs, is otherwise hardly conceivable. Can also be combined with a dimmer for a more subtle lighting effect. If you have opted for an ultimate long 50 meter light emitting diode tube, but may need only 20 or 30 meters at a time from event to event, simply pack the overhang into a light-tight, slightly ventilated container. However, cuts are also possible, every 90 cm can be cut off function preserving. Then it is sealed watertight with end cap and adhesive, which are available in the program of DUOLED. Meanwhile, at 50 meters, a car dealer can highlight a whole series of cars in the dark by guiding luminous dots through the passenger compartments from the windshield to the windshield or wrapping the wheels. Passers-by need to be aware of this, especially if it happens in color and can still be flashed by a controller function!

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