RF-remote control RGB/W

RF-remote control RGB/W

RF radio remote control for wireless dimmer MiLight

suitable RF radio remote control for item no. 1447 RF dimmer, 5 year warranty

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RF radio remote control for controller RGB & RGBW MiLight

suitable RF radio remote control for item no. 1454 RGB controller and Art.No. 1445 RGBW Controller, 5 year warranty

This remote control controls at a distance of 30m (2.4GHz radio frequency) four different light zones independently. So you can dimming the light in the hall and in the kitchen and dimming down from the nursery and living room - or as you like it. The remote control not only controls the different light colors, but can also dim the LED lights.

The remote control has 9 different color programs (modes):

Program 1:

The colors red, green, blue and white are faded in and out one after the other

Program 2:

The colors red, green, blue and white, yellow and purple flash and change

Program 3:

Different colors alternate and flash or blink

Program 4:

The brightness of red light goes up from 0% to 100%, then turns off, then blinks 3 times.

Program 5:

The brightness of green light is raised from 0% to 100%, then turned off, then it flashes 3 times.

Program 6:

The brightness of blue light is increased from 0% to 100%, then switched off, then it flashes 3x.

Program 7:

Different colors blend together softly and then flash in random order.

Program 8:

Different colors blend softly into each other.

Program 9:

White light is flashing.

This remote control can control four different zones of LEDs and operate them separately or in groups (ie, for example, the entire lighting of the living room, bedroom, nursery and garden).

The number of LEDs per zone is unlimited.

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Data sheet
Item Number
Manufacturer Warranty
5 year
DC 3V 1.5V * 2 AAA Batterie
Rf dimmable
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