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DuoLED offers for resellers (B2B) or consumers (B2C) a special range of LED lamps at very attractive prices. Even large quantities aresupplied by us quickly!


Since global warming is no longer a myth, LEDs with low power consumption, higher light yield and high durability is becoming increasingly important. LED Lamps and Lighting can be used today for almost all conventional lamps. The trend for the future is therefore undoubtedly the switch to modern, durable and energy-efficient LED lighting!

Production in China to European standards

By manufacturing in China under European quality standards, we can control our imports to our distribution center in Germany for specific markets and offer all products at unbeatable prices. In cooperation with the most reputable testing organizations, we guarantee the highest possible quality standards for our products. All products are tested and certified according to the valid European directives such. As TUV / CE, RohS, GS and Enec. In the item description you can read the respective classification of the article in the "energy label" table.

Unlike competitors in the market DUOLED offers its customers durable good quality, a long warranty and a good customer service. With us you do not receive substandard Far East goods at dumping prices, because our philosophy is customer oriented, which means that we want to serve our clients for long periods and offer good quality at competitive prices.


You can expect a full range of LED

  • panel
  • Spot lights
  • industrial lighting
  • RGB lighting
  • T8 tubes
  • floodlight
  • Bay Light


The LED panel

Our panels are manufactured according to our specifications under the highest quality standards. The LED panels are available in different sizes, such as

30 x 30 centimeters

60 x 60 centimeters

62 x 62 cm

30 x 120 cm

60 x 120 cm

Especially for the German market, we offer panels in the size 62 x 62 centimeters as a grid size of 62 centimeters in system ceiling (ceiling Odenwald) is common in Germany. All panels are available in different light colors you choose for your LED panel between K3000 (warm white), K4000 / 4500 (White), K6000 / 6500 (daylight) and RGB (entire color spectrum). Choose with your order between the normal and dimmable version, this will depend in each case on the driver (power supply), the LED light is always the same.

K3000 is normally used in the home and in small offices and shops where emphasis is placed on a warm, pleasant light. K4000 is preferably used in shops, large offices, warehouse offices and surgeries, whereas K6000 preferably in hospitals and larger medical practices and centers is used. The typical area of ​​use for RGB LED panels are businesses that want to coordinate the lighting on the goods offered. But also in the party room to those panels do well!


Downlights for ceiling: LED downlight, LED recessed downlight (dimmable)

In addition to the above articles, we offer still other related products. In an LED Downlight example is radiator, which can be incorporated in system ceilings optimal. These LED spots are also dimmable available.

Who is looking for lighting fixtures for ceiling, either warm white or daylight donate, which is the right place.

In our central warehouse we have almost all our products in big quantity in stock for immediate delivery to our clients.


Any questions? Contact us!

If you have questions about an item or your order please contact our German Hotline on +49 - (0) 5903 - 21790 35 on weekdays from 9 to 17 o'clock. Feel free to send us an email to  info@duoled.de !


Your advantages:

manufactured according to European quality standards

fast delivery, even for large orders

attractive prices