Lazerlamps Dashboard Controller for Smartview

Lazerlamps Dashboard Controller for Smartview

Lazerlamps Dashboard Controller for Smartview

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Lazerlamps Dashboard Controller for Smartview

The Triple-R 1250 Smartview is operated via a touchscreen dashboard controller, in parallel with the vehicle's standard high beam. The sleek, slim design of the controller is intended to be effortlessly mounted close to the driver on any flat surface with 3M VHB pads on the back of the controller.

The controller is activated with the vehicle's ignition, activating and deactivating the Smartview system by pressing and holding the E9 icon for 3 seconds. Backlit icons indicate the various functions of the lights, with the backlighting turning white when a particular function is activated. If the lighting functions are aligned with the standard high beam, these must be switched on to operate the various lighting modes, with the exception of “Near View” mode, which can be operated independently of the high beam (note - “Near View” mode should not be used as an alternative low beam). “Dynamic Dip” can be operated in conjunction with the other functions. A memory function in the controller ensures that the Smartview system reverts to the previous lighting mode when the vehicle's ignition is switched off.

Note: The reason for supplying the dashboard controller as a separate item is that if a customer installs 2 x Smartview lights, they only use one controller and therefore do not pay twice for an expensive component.

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