LAZER LAMPS TripleR 1250 Elite+

LAZER LAMPS TripleR 1250 Elite+

Single LED spotlight TripleR 1250 Elite+ , Incl. mounting kit, cable set , 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

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LAZER LAMPS TripleR 1250 Elite+

The Elite+ range represents an evolution of our high performance LED lighting solutions and includes products with improved performance, light distribution and functionality. The improvements are achieved in part by placing additional amber LEDs in each of the lights, which can be combined with either the already superior white light high beam function to provide impressive nighttime visibility at a slightly softer, more relaxing color temperature. The amber LEDs can also be operated on their own, with the light directed slightly downward and to the side of the road or path, making this feature ideal for snow, fog or dust.

The lights are designed to switch between different lighting modes via a push button. The lighting modes are: Boost (white only), Combo (white + yellow), Snow/Fog/Dust Mode (yellow only) and E-mark (white only; road legal with reduced power according to UNECE Reg 149). A memory function in the light means that the previously selected mode is retained, for example, when the vehicle is restarted. If you press and hold the button for 2 seconds, the light immediately jumps to E-plate mode.

The impressive proportions of the Triple-R 1250 are also reflected in the performance of the lamp. Through an advanced electronic design, the lamp consists of a combination of 24 white and 20 amber LEDs. When the lamp is operated in boost mode, the white LEDs produce 12,028 raw lumens. Switch to "combo" mode and the white and yellow LEDs produce a combined 21,388 raw lumens, providing incredible light output for safer and more enjoyable nighttime driving. The combination of all LEDs results in a power consumption of 220 W and a current draw of 16.9 A (at 14 V). To support lamp operation and electrical installation, the lamp has both a high-performance 2-pin Econoseal and 3-pin Superseal connector. Also included with each lamp are appropriate on-board wiring harnesses. The Econoseal connector is responsible for the lamp's high beam operation, while the Superseal connectors relate to function selection as well as white and amber position light/tail light selection.

Like all Lazer products, the Elite+ range has been designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK to exacting standards, both in terms of performance, reliability and appearance. The luminaire's contemporary design is most impressive up close, but the real aha moments come when you turn it on at night! With our comprehensive 5-year warranty and lifetime warranty on the lens, you can rest assured that this product will last for years in even the harshest environments.

Main features

Combination of high efficiency white (5000k) and PC yellow LEDs.

Yellow LEDs are optimized for use in snow, fog and dust.

Integrated white and amber position light function.

White light ECE approved Reg 149 (Class B, high beam) for on-road use (E-Boost technology) and Reg 148 position/side light function (white only).

Comes with pre-wired 2-pin Econoseal and 3-pin Superseal connectors (male/female).

Supplied with one-lamp wiring kit.

Momentary switch facilitates switching of lighting modes.

Memory function recalls preferred lighting mode without having to reselect it every time you ride.

Includes 'center mount' and side mount kit.

CAE-optimized heat sink provides improved thermal dynamics.

Automotive-grade anodized pretreatment and powder coating for ultimate corrosion and chemical protection.

Electronic thermal management system optimizes light output to ensure LED longevity.

Unbreakable" and hard-coated polycarbonate lens.

IP68 waterproof

5 year warranty

Designed and manufactured in the UK

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Data sheet
Item Number
LAZER lamps UK
Manufacturer Warranty
5 year
replaces ca.
IP protection
daylightwhite & Gelb
color temperature
K5000 & PC yellow
color rendering Ra
nominal luminous flux in Lm
rated luminous flux in Lm
Operating voltage LED lamp
Rated life (h)
50000 h
Switching cycles
Storage temperature (°C)
–30 °C bis +50 °C
Operating temperature (°C)
–40 °C bis +80 °C
Starting time
no, less than 0,5 sec
Energy efficiency class
Recycling WEEE
Mercury content
Chipset brand
LAZER high output
Number of LEDs
Weight (g)
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
ECE R112
Ref Number